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Taking off the rose-colored glasses

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

I was encouraged to create this blog to explore and highlight various dynamics noticed within the white evangelical community… to take off the rose-colored glasses.

This journey originally started through my experiences within the community and noticing the harm inflicted and justified by my fellow Christians within my story. I have sat with many who have negative experiences and have been harmed by the white fundamental culture. These stories filled with pain have prompted me to explore how I and others make meaning about the religious trauma ultimately affecting our relationship with the evangelical community and God.

As I made meaning around my trauma and identity, I became curious in how a religious community that states a “desire to share Christ with others” could also be perpetuating harmful patterns within and outside their community. The more I have learned about the White evangelical culture within the United States, the more I am prompted to share the underlying dynamics within the culture. Many I talk with within the Christian community have a perspective of things going well within and outside the community. Yet, when I sit with others who have been hurt by the white fundamental evangelical community and those outside this culture, there is overwhelming evidence of a discrepancy between the professed Christian ideology and the experience with others. The fundamental Christian testimony is tearing others away from God. It is time to take off the rose-colored glasses concerning the white fundamental evangelical culture. It is time to highlight various dynamics to wrestle with, challenge humbly, and make any needed change as prompted by the Holy Spirit.

I do not know what this journey holds, and I am excited to share it with others.

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