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White Fundamental Evangelical Power & Control Wheel

As I was formulating the literature review for my dissertation, I needed something to help me conceptualize all of the information. The Duluth model came to mind. For those who are unaware of the Duluth model, it was developed by some paraprofessionals to help identify various tactics used by men to exert power & control over their female partners. It was rooted within a Feminist framework.

Here is their direct website with their additional wheel adaptions:

I determined this layout would provide an excellent foundation for a more comprehensive understanding of the cultural influences shaping the White fundamental evangelical community.

The model I developed is rooted in the Subcultural Identity Theory developed by Smith et al. in 1998. I have utilized my systemic training as a Marriage and Family Therapist to assess various cultural ideologies influencing the religious culture. I need to note that I am not saying that people are the identified influences... but there are ideologies (patriarchy, purity culture, White supremacy, Christian Nationalism) being infused within the culture.

As time allows, I will be writing up some additional articles on the various domains and aspects of the wheel. However, I aim to get the model out for additional feedback. I am currently working on getting the wheel peer-reviewed by academic journals. Once it has been published, I will share a copy of the article. Until then, I will do what I can to help discuss the various components of the wheel.

Without much ado:

The middle of the wheel shows some tactics used to exert power & control over those who do not align with the cultural values and/or challenge the system. These are not exhaustive and are only examples. In future articles, I will go more in-depth with this concept.

I am looking forward to further exploring this and welcome feedback.

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