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Ana Williamson
Sep 29, 2021
@Naomi Norton I think you're so right. Respect isn't the right term for what I was trying to communicate. Acceptance/belonging fits much better. Maybe courtesy as well? For example, a big part of Evangelical masculinity is the idea of chivalry. Treating women honorably and protecting them. But based on the way those same men talk about feminists, or AOC, or Hillary Clinton, it's clear that their ideals of honor and courtesy only extend to the right kind of women. As soon as a woman breaks with traditional femininity in a way that offends Evangelical men, all bets are off, and instead of being the princess in the tower, to be adored and protected, she becomes the dragon that is a threat and must be destroyed. Women get a certain level of acceptance/courtesy by conforming, but as soon as they step out of bounds, the contract that protects them from evangelical men no longer applies. Very open to thoughts on this theory, but it looks to me like there's almost no equivalent experience for evangelical men. The only men that get the same level of ire from Evangelicals as progressive women do are gay men. (Because evangelicals associate male homosexuality with femininity, which makes gay men fair game to be hated the same way incorrectly feminine women are hated.) I feel like I'm rambling a little bit, but anyway, that's what I mean by women getting respect by performance, men by existence. Less about the technical definition of respect, more about community acceptance I guess?

Ana Williamson

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